Our popular marquees and large marquees now have a new name:
Haltent by HALTEC.

For statics and safety

Hall construction with HALTEC:
We create temporary buildings consistently based on
companies’ space requirements

6 dimensions for creating space

Which hall is the right one for you? Find out with our 6 dimensions concept and create your own personal space usage profile:

The right usage

At the right time

It the right place

In the right amount

In the right quality

With the right type of financing


What would you like to use your new hall for?

The type of use is crucial to the design and hall cladding.

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How long do you need the hall for and from when?

The period of use is important when it comes to finding the best type of finance for you.
If you want the hall on a temporary basis, this may exclude certain types of hall.

  • I don't know
  • Less than 1 year
  • 1-2 years
  • 3-5 years
  • Permanently

Required completion

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Next It the right place

Where will your hall be set up?

The location is crucial to the hall's design in terms of snow and wind capacities.

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How big does your hall need to be?

The dimensions of the hall are crucial to its design.
Just give us a surface area and we will automatically calculate the ideal size in terms of cost.

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What quality of finish do you prefer?

Certain personal touches and visual designs greatly influence the type of space solution and hall cladding.

  • Simple and functional
  • No preference
  • Individual & promotional
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How do you intend to finance your hall?

For temporary usage, renting is a good alternative to buying.

  • Rent
  • No preference
  • Buy
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Your personal space usage profile


Your personal space usage profile is the first step on the way to a customised offer. It tells us initially what you need and is the basis for your personal consultation.Complete the following contact form and one of our space-creating experts will be in touch shortly to discuss the details of your building project.

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