Our popular marquees and large marquees now have a new name:
Haltent by HALTEC.

For statics and safety

Gaining space with hall systems


Storage marquee

017-Storage marquee 017-Storage marquee-01 017-Storage marquee-02 017-Storage marquee-03

Due to the panels to be stored in this hall, protection against condensation was particularly important. The acute need for additional storage space was met quickly and economically by HALTEC. This storage marquee complies with protection class 3 - protected against condensation.

017-Storage marquee-01

Protection for moisture-sensitive goods. Interior tarpaulins prevent condensation from dripping, and divert it outside the building.

017-Storage marquee-02

Trapezoidal profiles increase protection against theft and give the marquee hall a typical character.

017-Storage marquee-03

Practical entrances have been realised with an electric rolling gate and an entrance door.