Our popular marquees and large marquees now have a new name:
Haltent by HALTEC.

For statics and safety

Gaining space with hall systems


Production hall

079-Production hall 079-Production hall-01 079-Production hall-02 079-Production hall-03 079-Production hall-04 079-Production hall-05

This production hall belonging to a manufacturer of test systems is equipped with a bridge crane. The surrounding roof overhang and unusual window elements provided by the customer create the impressive look of this hall. Further function-specific details, such as the row of windows in the ridge, numerous hall spotlights, and industrial sectional doors with window sections perfectly round off this Production hall.

079-Production hall-01

A surrounding canopy completes the exterior appearance.

079-Production hall-02

The row of windows in the ridge delivers plenty of natural light.

079-Production hall-03

A total of 7 NSHEVS hatches in the row of ridge windows enable smoke extraction in the event of a fire.

079-Production hall-04

If necessary, 36 hall spotlights can be activated for additional lighting.

079-Production hall-05

Two 10-tonne bridge cranes move heavy goods effortlessly by remote control.